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Coaching sessions with her helped me see the problem in the big picture and understand it deeper. What I have learnt through coaching sessions helps me to be more thoughtful about areas in life and understand why I do what I do. I recommend coaching because I think clever and challenging questions that Yoshie asks allow you to have a better reflection and think about what you have never thought of and what you are saying or avoiding subconsciously. You can also get out of your comfort zone and be pushed from equilibrium. Overall, it was challenging but I felt comfortable and I needed it.

Luciano Dion
Karina Kimoto

I was feeling a lot of anxiety and stress about the lack of money and I wasn’t taking any action. I was wasting my energy worrying and it was affecting my focus. Looking at the big elephant with Yoshie and facing it during the coaching sessions helped me. I attained peace of mind – reduced my anxiety thanks to the specific actions that I came up with during the sessions. I have learnt that there are topics that I need to talk about even though I don’t like to address them. She found her purpose and wanna help people find their own purpose. Thank you.

I started working with yoshie in a time where I already had a good level of self-awareness because of the work I’ve put in my healing journey, but this coaching experience was what I needed to expand my journey from a space of acceptance and love.In the past, I was more focused on fixing myself rather than radically accepting myself. Through working with yoshie, I realized that all the answers, all the love, all the motivation, discipline, purpose and essentially everything that I’m looking for is already within me. I just needed to clear out some mess to find me again. To no longer focus on fixing but on embracing and loving me.
Diana Blanco

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