Confidence Coaching Program

Welcome to the Confidence Coaching Program page!

My name is Yoshie, a certified life coach 🙂 I have a special offer for you!

I am doing research on confidence for 3 months starting in April. Since this is a coaching program with my research, I am offering 30% off from my usual coaching program. I don’t know if I will ever have this offer again so if you really wanna work on building confidence, book a call with Yoshie today!

I would love to work with people who want to grow for themselves and also for others!

Who is this program for?:

  • You lack confidence
  • Sometimes you feel like you don’t know who you truly are
  • You want to overcome insecurities
  • You know life should be so much more

What you can get:

  • You will build sustainable unshakable confidence
  • You will start believing in yourself and have more courage
  • You will understand who you truly are, what you are good at and your desires & goals
  • You will have a clear direction and what action you need to take to create a happier, more wealthy and healthy life

** There are limited spots available and this offer ends on March 31st since this program starts from April.

Book a call with Yoshie to ask any questions you may have and start getting coached on your challenges you are facing!

if you know building confidence in yourself will improve yourself, book a call now. It is free and absolutely risk free. I only wanna work with people who really want to change so no hurt feelings if you don’t feel like participating the program 🙂

Book a call today!

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